Ikiru – Roger Ebert’s Movie Review

The stranger takes him out on the town, to gambling parlors, dance halls and the red light district[红灯区], and finally to a bar where the piano player calls for requests and the old man, still wearing his overcoat and hat, asks for “Life Is Short–Fall in Love, Dear Maiden.”
“Oh, yeah, one of those old ’20s songs,” the piano man says, but he plays it, and then the old man starts to sing. His voice is soft and he scarcely moves his lips, but the bar falls silent, the party girls and the drunken salary men drawn for a moment into a reverie[幻想;沉思] about the shortness of their own lives.
This moment comes near the center point of “Ikiru,” Akira Kurosawa’s 1952 film about a bureaucrat who works for 30 years at Tokyo City Hall and never accomplishes anything. Mr. Watanabe has become the chief of his section, and sits with a pile of papers on either side of his desk, in front of shelves filled with countless more documents. Down a long table on either side of him, his assistants shuffle these papers back and forth. Nothing is ever decided. His job is to deal with citizen complaints, but his real job is to take a small rubber stamp and press it against each one of the documents, to show that he has handled it.
The opening shot of the film is an X-ray of Watanabe’s chest. “He has gastric cancer, but doesn’t yet know it,” says a narrator. “He just drifts through life. In fact, he’s barely alive.Continue reading Ikiru – Roger Ebert’s Movie Review

意大利 – PART 1


A Room with a View 1985

这部影片的取景地主要在佛罗伦萨,我的dream destination的top 1好嘛!!!我更愿意唤她~翡冷翠!
在她们入住佛罗伦萨“看得见风景的房间”后,开始一次翡冷翠一日游,首先我们跟随Charlotte(玛吉·史密斯 Maggie Smith 饰)来到了圣母领报广场 Piazza della Santissima Annunziata。
注意下图中远处建筑(孤儿院 Ospedale degli Innocenti)的门廊

圣母领报广场 Piazza della Santissima

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法国 – PART 4


Bande à part 1964

avenue du Maréchal Joffre – 调皮的小偷Arthur和Franz在路边心血来潮表演起The Left-Handed Gun(左手持枪)里Billy the Kid(保罗·纽曼 Paul Newman 饰)里被射杀的场景

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法国 – PART 1


  • Midnight in Paris  2011
  • Before Sunset  2004

Midnight in Paris

Can you picture how drop-dead gorgeous this city is in the rain. Imagine this town in the 20’s, Paris in the 20’s, in the rain.

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法国 – PART 3

今天不想弄毕设!!!(晚期拖延癌又犯了)所以!我!决定!继续更新!PART_2!这次的电影是 阿黛尔的生活 La vie d’Adèle 2013 (可我更喜欢“蓝色是最温暖的颜色”)

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